Volunteers Welcome!

There are many different ways we can help the students and staff at  Thurgood Marshall. Whether in the classroom or at home, using the copy machine or your own unique skills, there is a way for you to contribute!

Visit our Volunteer page to see all current Volunteer Opportunities. 

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Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures

Principal Breidenbach thanks you for helping turn Irving Street into an Eastbound one-way street during drop off and pick up times.

Please take a moment to review the Morning/Afternoon Procedures from the school. And remember the school playground is open after school. It is unsupervised so an adult must be present.

Morning and Afternoon Procedures

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Curriculum Night

Join students, families and teachers for Curriculum Night at Thurgood Marshall Elementary on September 26th. Visit the classroom, see where your child sits and speak with your child’s teacher.

Thursday, September 26th

Grades K – 2nd, and PEACE Academy: Visit between 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Grades 3rd – 5th: Visit between 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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Mark Your Calendars

Join us for Grade Level Potlucks during September and October.  Meet other students from your child’s grade. Get to know the families and share a meal. A flyer with these details will be sent home with your child. Check their backpacks for details!

Meet in the school cafeteria. Bring a dish to share.

2nd Grade Potluck: September 12th @ 5:30-7:00 pm

K & 1st Grade Potluck: September 18th @ 5:30-7:00 pm

3rd Grade Potluck: September 19th @ 5:30-7:00 pm

4th Grade Potluck: September 24th @ 5:30-7:00 pm

5th Grade Potluck: October 2nd @ 5:30-7:00 pm

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