Seattle Council PTA Needs Your Opinion

The Seattle Council PTSA is conducting a survey to measure awareness of the Seattle Public School (SPS) Growth Boundary Planning process.  The link to take the survey is below.  The survey takes only 5 minutes to complete. Please complete the entire survey.  There is an area for your feedback at the end.

The Seattle School Board meeting will be held on November 6, 2013, when we hope to present preliminary survey results. Please respond by Nov. 6.

Complete results of the survey will be online by Nov. 19, 2013 or sooner. If you have any questions or comments please contact the SCPTSA President at
Thank you for your participation.


Questions? Please email the Thurgood Marshall PTA at with any questions or concerns.

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Halloween Allergies?

Halloween can be tricky for students with food allergies because some candies may contain allergens like peanuts. If your student’s  teacher has a Halloween party for the kids, make sure all the treats are allergy-friendly and not homemade. Parents of student with allergies may volunteer to be in charge of snack and attend the class party. Please check with your child’s teacher.  Parents may consider giving out an allergy-friendly treat that may not be candy, for example stickers, bracelets or pencils.

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What Do You Think of Proposed Changes to APP?

APP Families: Immediate Action Needed ! 

Last Friday Seattle Public Schools (SPS) released a revised “Growth Boundary” proposal that includes specific changes to the APP delivery model. You should have already received notice from SPS asking for your feedback. Below we outline the proposal and how you can provide feedback to SPS, as well as to the Thurgood Marshall PTA.

Your Action Needed – 5 Minutes Only!

It should take no more than 5 minutes to complete these two brief surveys.

  1. Complete a brief 5-question survey to share your thoughts with the Thurgood Marshall PTA.  Deadline: October 19 at midnight
  2. Tell SPS what you think of the changes via their brief, two-question survey here. Leave the number area blank and write “APP” in the “Other” Field.  Under “Comments” please briefly state your thoughts on these changes. Deadline: October 21 at 6 pm

What is the potential impact to Thurgood Marshall APP families? 

Your PTA Board is concerned that with limited SPS resources for advanced learning, the new optional pathways for APP might dilute the resources available to each location, including Thurgood Marshall. The District has not assured us there is additional funding to support the new APP sites.  We are concerned that the redistribution of resources across the city will result in inequities of APP delivery throughout the District.

Summary of SPS Proposal for APP

The proposal adds the following two optional APP pathways in the South End, while maintaining the current pathway of Thurgood Marshall to Washington Middle School:

  1. New pathway in West Seattle: Fairmount Park Elementary to Madison Middle School to Garfield High School/the optional International Baccalaureate (IB) program at Rainier Beach High School.
  2. New pathway in SE Seattle: Wing Luke Elementary to Aki Kurose Middle School to Garfield High School/the optional IB program at Rainier Beach High School.

These programs may launch as soon as next school year.  Thurgood Marshall Elementary currently has 320 APP students, and is expected to grow to 380 by the year 2022.

In the North End, the SPS proposes all APP elementary students attend a single elementary location at Wilson Pacific Elementary, with three middle school pathways including Jane Adams, Wilson Pacific and Hamilton Middle Schools.  The high school pathway remains Garfield High School or the optional IB program at Ingraham High School.  Currently the North End APP program has almost 600 APP students at Lincoln Elementary, and is expected to grow to over 700 by the year 2022.

The entire SPS proposal is available online here.

Questions? Email the Thurgood Marshall PTA at

Thank you for your time on this important issue affecting Thurgood Marshall Elementary!

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Picture Day

Class group photos and individual picture retakes will be on November 4th at Thurgood Marshall.  Order forms went home with students on October 3rd, so check those backpacks for your form.

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