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Communications Team

The PTA Communications Team produces and distributes Pup Press (TM’s weekly newsletter), creates PTA e-blasts, updates this website, creates fliers, reaches out on the PTA Bulletin Board and outdoor Message Center, and more. 

The Communications Team collaborates on many of the roles listed below, but often they are great opportunities for self-starters! Some roles are PTA-only; others involve official school events & staff. 

TM PTA Communications Team Volunteer Roles (Thank you to all our volunteers! Last update: 6/11/18)

Contact for more details; a role that is “filled” may be shared … or become available.

  1. Pup Press Editor or Co-Editor 
  2. Pup Press Copy Editor 
  3. Pup Press Printing & Distribution Hero(es) (can be shared!)
  4. Web Wrangler(s) 
  5. Calendar Chief 
  6. Email Evangelist 
  7. Graphics Guru(s) 
  8. PTA Message Center & Bulletin Board Barista
  9. PTA Welcome & Info Packet 

1. Pup Press Editor or Co-Editor
Compile, edit and package TM news and calendar into a 2-page newsletter with few frills but a touch of sass. Plan editions and flier attachments in close consultation with PTA President(s), Principal and Communications Chair.
Commitment: About 6-8hrs/week; 2-4 hours for editing/communication with contributors; 2-4 hours for layout; 15 mins for prep of e-mailed version

–> Co-editing options: a) collaboration on every edition, b) solo work on every other edition, c) handling a part of process (layout or calendar or ?)

2. Pup Press Copy Editor
Copy-edit (or just proof-read) near-final version of Pup Press (and/or articles not yet in final layout). Adhere to our modified version of AP Style (as much as possible). Work closely with Pup Press editor(s). Option: edit/rewrite content for brevity, clarity.
Commitment: 1hr/week; other copy-editing or proofing projects may also be available

3. Pup Press Printing & Distribution Hero(es)
Print Pup Press on TM copier/printers, sort and deliver to classrooms (on Thursday mornings).
Commitment: 1 hr/week at about 9:30 am Thursdays 

4. Web Wrangler(s), PTA website and/or TM Official website

PTA site, Add/update content on user-friendly WordPress-based platform. Primary tasks are calendar updates, writing/editing news posts, creating/updating static pages, using graphics. Can be split into two sets of tasks and shared. Also: More is possible (photo galleries, increased use of forms, e-commerce, etc!).
Commitment: Basic tasks average 1 hr/week

TM official site, Basic updates of TM official information and calendar; occasional posting of news items
Commitment: 1-2hrs/month; Must first take District-mandated website class

5. Calendar Chief
Compile TM events and milestones for central calendar used for website(s), Pup Press, Bulletin Board and Message Center. Update calendar; possible other tasks.
Commitment: 1hr/week; option for additional tasks (such as exporting web calendar for Pup Press use) 

6. Email Evangelist
Create and send e-blasts to PTA’s e-list 1x/week. Use MailChimp online service (easy learning curve).
Commitment: 1hr/week

7. Graphics Guru(s)
Tasks can include all or any: Create graphics for Pup Press, website(s), PTA print materials and TM & PTA event p.r.; create simple fliers/posters (attached to Pup Press, placed on PTA Bulletin Board and Message Center, other possible distribution). Collaborate with event chairs (staff and PTA). Help ensure recognition of PTA role at TM (through branding: use of PTA logos, other strategies)
Commitment: Flexible; Typically, 1-3 simple fliers/month. Other needs vary. Can be split among people.

8. PTA Message Center & Bulletin Board Barista
Update outdoor Message Center and indoor PTA Bulletin Board with event listings and posters. Create graphics in collaboration with Graphics Guru(s) and others.
Commitment: Flexible

9. PTA Welcome & Info Packet Purveyor
Compile, edit information for PTA printed materials distributed during first week of school. (Pieces may include: Welcome letter; Calendar of events; PTA membership form; Family Directory data and opt-out form; Tutu’s Pantry signup form; Supplies payment form; Annual Giving Fund letter; AGF donation card; AGF “friends and family” referral form.)

Non-Communications Team Roles involving communications tasks:

  • Enrichment Catalog Editor (3 catalogs per school year)
  • Classroom Connector Coordinator (coordinate outreach efforts by a parent in each classroom)
  • Classroom Connectors (1-2 parents per classroom)
  • Facebook maven (informal role: help ensure that Bullpup Parents and TM Facebook pages have info on events, etc.)
  • Special outreach projects (including tabling at pickups/dropoffs)

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