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Equity Action Teams


Equity Action Team initiatives at Thurgood Marshall grew out of a staff “Equity Team” created in 2014-15 to better ensure that the school offers all students equity in educational opportunities. The fact that TM hosts three distinct programs – Scholars, Accelerated Curriculum Scholars [aka Highly Capable Cohort] and PEACE Scholars – offers challenge and potential that is unique within the Seattle Public School District.

Starting in 2015-16, parents became more involved with what had primarily been a staff effort.  Staff and parents met to create and work on next steps, through “Equity Action Teams” that continue to exist.

  • See the summary of the history and timeline of the Equity Action Teams at TM
  • See the calendar for equity team-related events.

Work this school year 2019-20

  • GENERAL MEETINGS:  We welcome everyone – new or returning families – whether you would like to be involved on a team or would simply like to come learn more!
    • Our first gathering was a Welcome Back Family Picnic on September 25.  Please see the minutes here.
    • Our second meeting was on November 14.  Please see the minutes here.
  • EQUITY ACTION TEAMS:  If you’d like to join a team, email
    • Black Families Advocacy and Support Group
    • Conversations About Race
    • Gender Equity
    • Racial Equity in HCC (District Wide Group)
    • Fostering Student Community. 
  • RACIAL EQUITY IN OUR COMMUNITY: We hosted a series of workshops facilitated by Kyana Wheeler, who first spoke at Thurgood Marshall in March 2019 (see “Work Last School Year 2018-19” section below).  These workshops focused on shifting and improving our school culture to be more representative and inclusive of all Thurgood Marshall families.

Work Last School Year 2018-19

  • Three large Equity Action Team occurred on November 7, January 31, and April 17.
  • Common Goal was created for the 2018-19 school year:  Create Ongoing Opportunities for Conversation About Race, Equity, and Inclusion Among Adults and Children
  • Equity Action Teams included: Black Families Advocacy and Support Group, Facilitating Conversations Around Race and Equity, Gender Equity, Supporting our Scholars, Racial Equity in HCC (district-wide group), and a new group – Fostering Student Community. Currently, Fostering Student Community and Supporting our Scholars working together.
  • March 2019: Along with the PTA, the Equity Action Teams hosted a speaker, Kyana Wheeler who spoke on race and equity. Please see her PowerPoint here. We hope to continue with more workshops and followup opportunities to make an impact and change at TM
  • Most current minutes from meeting with team updates here.

Equity Survey Results

In summer 2018, Thurgood Marshall’s Equity Action Team’s Leadership Team gathered feedback via a survey to help guide equity work for the 2018-19 school year. While we had a low response rate (47 respondents), the wide variance in the responses on different issues offered valuable insights into the work that remains to be done by all of us in our school community.  On numerous questions, the survey found white families (59.6% of respondents) and AC Scholar families (63.8% respondents) felt more positive about the equity work and inclusivity of the environment at TM when compared with Scholar families (21.3% of respondents) and black families (6.4% of respondents) specifically.

For additional information, you can review the summary of the survey at 


  • Black Family Advocacy and Support Group
  • Facilitating Conversations Around Race and Equity Team 
  • Gender Equity Team
  • Racial Equity in HCC Team  (broader team that is Districtwide)
  • Supporting our Scholars Team
  • Fostering Student Community



  • Meeting Dates and Links to Notes (Meetings are 6-8 pm unless otherwise noted) Notes have updated news about what teams are working on.

2019-20: Sept 25 picnic (5:30-7:30@TM) | Nov 14 | Feb 6 | May 7
2018-19: Aug. 27 picnic (5:30-7:30 @ PlayGarden) | Nov. 7 | Jan. 31 | See calendar for more!
2017-18: May 31 | Feb. 8 |  Oct. 25 |  Aug. 28 picnic (5:30-7:30 pm)
2016-17: May 24March 23Jan. 19Oct. 24
2015-16: June 9

Selected actions/news articles

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Dec. 27, 2016 [Seattle Times: UW philosophers at TM to help kids consider equity]
Sept. 22, 2016 [Approval of Social Studies blending]
July 9, 2016 [Seattle Times: Some Seattle schools end ‘tracking’ in push for equity and success]
April 28, 2016 [Significants steps by the Teams]
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