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5th-Grade Legacy Project

The first known 5th-Grade Legacy Project was a mural that in 2011 transformed an otherwise bland hallway with an explosion of images.

Since  2013, the 5th grade has annually produced a large-scale artwork or other project to help make Thurgood Marshall even more special.

Parent/guardian volunteers, with assistance from the PTA and staff, lead the effort, but many of the ideas, creativity and elbow grease come from the students. If you are a 5th-grade parent who would like to be involved, contact or watch Pup Press for details.

Enjoy enlarged photos of the projects, below, by clicking on the thumbnails.

The Projects

  • 2011 –  “My Favorite Activity is” Mural in hallway on south side of gym
  • 2013 – Sidewalk Connector Paving Stone Path near Martin Luther King Jr. Way S.
  • 2014 – Sunflower Paving Stone Mosaic near portable classrooms and flagpole area
  • 2015 – Decorative Ceramic Tiles on wall of rear (west) stairwell
  • 2016 – Little Free Library in flagpole area
  • 2017 – Bench and Tiles in school entryway
  • 2018 – “Fantastical Animals” Mural on wall of covered play area (near playground)
2011 Legacy Project


2013 Legacy Project in progress

2013 work in progress

2013 Legacy Project


2014 Legacy Project


2015 Legacy Project detail shot

2015 (detail)

2015 Legacy Project


2016 Legacy Project in progress

2016 work in progress

2016 Legacy Project


2017 Legacy Project


2018 Legacy Project


2018 Legacy Project overview

2018 overview











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