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Enrichment Program

We are excited to announce that before and after school enrichment will be coming back to Thurgood Marshall Elementary for Fall 2022

‌The FTME-coordinated Enrichment Program offers before- and after-school classes at Thurgood Marshall. The three sessions are Fall, Winter and Spring, usually 11-week periods. Breaks normally occur only during vacation periods and other days when school is closed. Classes are offered by independent vendors, nonprofit organizations and volunteers.
–> A fee is charged for most classes, but a large discount is available for one class per trimester for each student who qualifies for free lunch or whose family faces financial stress. (See below.)

Course listings

Spring 2023 catalog

Fall 2022 catalog

Winter 2023 catalog

There may be some minor changes before registration opens on March 10th due to instructor availability. Please check back for updates.


Spring registration opens Friday March 10th, 6PM and closes Friday March24th.

–> Before registering, please review key dates and other information below.

Key Dates

Fall Session (11 weeks)

Enrollment: September 14-21

Classes begin September 26; end December 16

Winter Session (11 weeks)

Enrollment: December 9-18

Classes begin January 3; end March 24

Spring Session (11 weeks)

Enrollment: March 10-24

Classes begin March 27; end June 16


  • If an enrollment minimum is not met, a class may be canceled after the registration deadline. Options for other classes and/or a refund will be made available.
  • Class times: Most are 7:40-8:40 a.m. or 3:35-4:35 p.m. On Wednesday afternoon, classes start at 2:20, and are usually 60-120 minutes long. Fridays now have 3:35-5:05 p.m. classes.
  • No classes during days off. See catalog to confirm dates for your child’s class(es).
  • Reduced fee for students qualifying for Free/Reduced Price Lunch: Pay just 10% of listed price (for one class per quarter)!
  • Enrichment Program policies are fully explained on each catalog’s Page 2.

Questions? Contact us at

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Enrichment online registration FAQ

The following questions primarily pertain to our online registration system. Where do I go for help or questions with online registration? Please email or stop by the main office to schedule a time to get access and help on the library computers. Can I register by paper form? Paper forms will be available only for those that …