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Opportunity Grants

Friends of Thurgood Marshall funds “Opportunity Grant” funds in its annual budget to support innovative initiatives that enrich the students’ educational experience. Teachers and staff are the primary applicants, but parents may team up with them to jointly submit an application. Our Board reviews applications on a case-by-case basis. (An Opportunity Grant is different from the Classroom Grants awarded automatically to teachers at the beginning of the year.)

See full rules on the application form. (Downloadable Word document)

Awards have supported arts enrichment, appearances or residencies by outside experts, purchase of technology, equipment, furnishings or books to support learning, teacher training or collaboration opportunities, parent engagement in the education of their children, garden projects, or special field trips or events.  The nature of the project is limited only by the imagination of the grant applicants. In a typical year, awards range from $250-$1,000.

Examples of recent grants:

  • Day of Caring landscape improvements – $420
  • Conflict Mediator/Recess Monitor buddy bench & pennies – $200
  • Equity training – $1,000
  • Bulletin boards in the hallways – $470
  • Traffic safety equipment – $1,000
  • Maps for classrooms – $500
  • Recess & playground equipment – $570
  • Bookcases for Library – $700

Note: An Opportunity Grant provides an avenue for teachers to apply for additional funds for a unique project. The funds are intended to support valuable initiatives that can’t be implemented with smaller Classroom Grant funds.

It was a happy new year for me, in particular, when Hazel called telling me that the map sets for the four fifth grades were delivered.  Today I introduced them to the kids—and excitement was palpable!  Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, all the “stans” clearly visible.  The Continental Divide. You have my gratitude!!

– Kimberly Kierstead (Grade 5 team)

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