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What the PTA Supports

The Thurgood Marshall Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is committed to providing a well-organized, strong and equitable academic environment for our students. The PTA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of parent volunteers and staff representatives. We work closely with the Principal and staff to meet the diverse needs of our school community.

When you join the Thurgood Marshall PTA, you also become a member of the Washington State PTA.  Membership provides you with a reliable source of information regarding the school community, curriculum and all related matters on the state and local level. Members elect TM’s PTA leaders, approve the budget and receive discounts at certain businesses.

Thurgood Marshall PTA is able to provides a wide range of volunteer and financial support to the school.  View the 2019-20  budget here.

We help fund the following:

  • 100% of the salary for the School Counselor, who runs our Conflict Mediator program, Kindness Klub and social skills groups, and who is available to help all students three days per week.
  • 50% of the salary for our librarian, Mr. Mike Zetterberg, enabling his position to be full time. Mr. Zetterberg provides literacy and computer education, keeps our shelves full of wonderful books, and runs the Global Reading Challenge program and book exchanges.
  • Theater Artists-in-Residence, who bring a rich drama curriculum to selected classrooms, teaching our children about storytelling, improvisation, character development and other dramatic techniques.
  • Opportunity Grants and Classroom Grants available to teachers and staff for needs including instructional materials, art supplies, playground equipment, and books for the main and classroom libraries.
  • Literacy tutors to ensure that younger students improve to grade-level reading by no later than 3rd grade.
  • Special performances at school assemblies, including Book-it Repertory Theatre, Taproot Theatre and musical groups.
  • Before-school Choir, which performs at school and District events.
  • and more, including movie nights, special parent-education programs, parent-led special-interest groups and outreach efforts such as this website and Pup Press!

PLUS: Volunteers are recruited and coordinated by a PTA volunteer, and account for thousands of hours in classroom, logistical and event support.

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Classroom Grants

Classroom Grants of a fixed amount (set during the PTA budget process) are automatically provided to each full-time teacher to spend on needs such as  instructional materials, art supplies and books for the classroom library. Teachers new to Thurgood Marshall normally receive a bonus amount in their first year. Classroom grants require no application. A …

Literacy Tutors

[The following is adapted from an article appearing in a 2016 edition of Pup Press.] One of the many important programs your PTA donations support is 1:1 literacy tutoring for students who are not yet reading at grade-level standard. Staff tutors target specific skills needed by these students. In a recent year, five students in …

PTA Opportunity Grants

The Thurgood Marshall PTA includes “Opportunity Grant” funds in its annual budget to support innovative initiatives that enrich the students’ educational experience. Teachers and staff are the primary applicants, but parents may team up with them to jointly submit an application. The PTA Board reviews applications on a case-by-case basis. (An Opportunity Grant is different …

Theater residencies

PTA funding enables TM classes to spend time with professional theater teaching artists, usually culminating in a performance at an Assembly. Students have worked on a variety of performance types, including plays, improv, dance and songs.