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Board Members, 2022-2023

See the job descriptions for most FTME Board positions. Executive Committee positions are elected by the FTME General Membership in spring for the following school year. The Executive Committee then votes on additional Board nominees, as prescribed by the Standing Rules.

Position Name (Child’s Grade) Contact Email
Co-President Lesley Jones (3)
 Co-President Quyen Pham (K &2)
Vice President Aaron Schneider (4)
Co-Treasurer Financials Chantsal Rinearson (3)
Co-Treasurer A/P, A/R Rachael Kitagawa (1)
Secretary Cadence Miller (5)
Communications Chair VACANT
Enrichment Coordinator Katherine Bryant (1 & 4)
Fundraising Chair Melissa Carper (5)
FTME Teacher Liaison Sarah Gese
FTME Teacher Liaison Donna Dugan
Volunteer Coordinator Trevor Lalish-Menagh (4)
Events Co-Chairs VACANT
Class Connector Coordinator VACANT
Equity Action Teams Liaison Gitane “Ji-tahn” Versakos
Legislative Chair VACANT
Principal  Katie May
Arts Liaison VACANT
Supplies Coordinator Alexandr Parbery-Clark


Past Board Members


Co-President: Chantel Hazlewood (K)
Vice President: Aaron Schneider (3)
Co-Treasurer Financials: Chantsal Rinearson (2)
Co-Treasurer A/P, A/R: Trevor Lalish-Menagh (3)
Secretary: Lesley Jones (2)
Communications Chair: Cadence Miller (4)
Fundraising Co-Chair: Melissa Carper (4)
FTME Teacher Liaison: Sarah Gese
FTME Teacher Liaison: Donna Dugan
Events Co-Chairs: Sandra Milard (3)
Equity Action Teams Liaison: Gitane “Ji-tahn” Versakos
Principal: Katie May
Supplies Coordinator: Alexandr Parbery-Clark


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