Equity Team suggests HCC screening changes

The HCC Equity Team, one of TM’s Equity Action Teams, recently sent School Board members and District leaders recommendations focused on improving HCC racial and socioeconomic equity. The Board will hold an Oct. 5 “working session” focused on Advanced Learning, and it is hoped that members will consider the TM group’s document, which has five core recommendations:

  1. Give all 2nd graders opportunity for HCC via “universal testing.”  
  2. Do strategic outreach to high-potential students from underrepresented groups.
  3. Make admission process more accessible for less-privileged families.
  4. Use “local norms,” race and socio-economic status as factors in admissions decisions.  
  5. Make appeals process clear and equitable, including ceasing to accept private tests.

The HCC Equity hopes supporters will send emails to the Board. After reviewing the full document, consider making your voice heard  to improve equity in Advanced Learning programs by emailing the SPS Board – schoolboard@seattleschools.org.

For a sample email, contact Devin Bruckner, devinbruckner@gmail.com.

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