‘Pillars’ artwork is installed

Pillars project's Jesse Bernstein performs 2015-08-13

Teaching Artist Jesse Bernstein (center) performs during the celebration Aug. 13, 2015, as the team of youth artists watches.

Some 75 people celebrated today (Aug. 13) the installation of “Pillars of Diversity,” the artwork created on the east side of our campus to honor Justice Thurgood Marshall. The project, funded primarily by a Seattle Department of Neighborhoods grant, was led by Coyote Central, a nonprofit arts organization that collaborated with the school, the PTA and community members. Coyote Central reached out to learn what type of artwork the community would appreciate, selected the artists, and brought together a team of 24 youths, ages 12-14, to create the installation.

The celebration included speeches, performances and wonderful food donated by Field Roast Grain Meat Co.

Lead artists Yvette Simone and Timothy Siciliano conceived the project as a symbolic depiction of equal justice under the law for people of every race, creed or color. The five stately 10-foot pillars evoke not only the Supreme Court but also broader associations of justice and education. The contrasting colors and overlaid circles spreading up the pillars from the steps below are an evocation both of the diversity of our nation’s people and the energetic optimism of youth.

For more information, see the website of the project: fhsmlk.blogspot.com

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