News Alert: Boundary Changes for Seattle Schools

Did you know Seattle Public Schools is creating new attendance area boundaries? These “Growth Boundary” changes may affect Thurgood Marshall Elementary.

Proposed boundaries will be posted on the Seattle Public Schools website by September 18. More information is available on the Growth Boundaries website.

Community input is an important part of the Growth Boundaries project.  Community meetings will be held from September 23 – October 1. A final vote is scheduled for November 20. Changes will take effect during the 2014-2015 school year.

The SPS stated goals for the Growth Boundary project are:

  1. Align boundaries with projected enrollment growth.
  2. Revise attendance area boundaries to align with new capacity created through construction of BEX IV construction.
  3. Include equitable access to services and programs as a key component in boundary revisions.
  4. The initial focus is on elementary and middle school boundaries.  High School boundaries will be reviewed at a later date.


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