School Supplies 2017-2018

Thank you for participating in Thurgood Marshall’s new approach to purchasing classroom supplies!

Your $40 payment covers all standard needs for one student (except personal backpack and lunchbox), and part of the cost for families unable to pay. The PTA is committed to ensuring that every student  has the pencils, paper and so many other items they’ll need for a great year in school. More details in our FAQ.

There is a chance that your teacher(s) will have a special request, such as a water bottle for daily use or items for a project.

Payment Options

  • Use PayPal (below) to pay by credit card or EFT.
  • Check or Cash: Fill out the Supplies Payment paper form and return it with check attached or cash (in envelope) to your child’s classroom teacher or the Main Office. Download form.

Unable to pay the full $40? Choose 0 for “Number of children” below and enter whatever amount you are comfortable with in the “Additional Donation” field. Any contributions above $40 per child are tax deductible.

Pay for school supplies via PayPal
  • Price: $40.00
  • Price: $1.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00

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PTA classroom supplies purchasing FAQ

We hope the following questions and answers will address any concerns or confusion about the PTA Supplies Program initiated as a trial in Fall 2017. Contact us at with any further questions. “I can’t afford the $40.” Or “I already have supplies to bring in.” Please don’t worry. Pay only if you are able. …