Will New ‘Bell Times’ Affect Our School?

The District has proposed a small change to ‘bell times’ at Thurgood Marshall for the 2014-2015 school year. Proposed NEW start time is 9:40 am, and the NEW bus departure time is 4:00 pm.  Existing bell times are 9:25 am and 3:40 pm.The Seattle PTSA argues that research shows a link between adequate sleep and many positive health and learning outcomes.  Younger students are typically awake and ready to learn well before 9:40 am, additionally late start times are inconvenient for working families.  The Seattle PTSA advocates for bell times that prioritize student learning, health and safety for all students.  If you have concerns about the District’s proposal, email them at: arrivaltimes@seattleschools.org   and/or schoolboard@seattleschools.org. You can read the entire proposal here.


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Lunar New Year Celebration

Join us for the Lunar New Year Celebration and Potluck on Feb.7 at 5:30 pm in the Cafeteria. Bring a family favorite dish to share. Please label your dish if it contains nuts. There will be arts & crafts, food and entertainment!  Let’s celebrate the Year of the Horse.

We are asking for volunteers to help set up and clean up for this event. Set up at 4:50 and clean up at 7:15. Please contact Cindy Gano, if you are interested in helping out.

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SPS Seeks Nominees for APP Task Force

The Seattle Public Schools Advanced Learning Office is seeking nominations for the second Task Force related to Highly Capable students. 

Who May Apply: APP staff and parent volunteers may apply to serve on the Highly Capable Service Delivery Model Task Force. 

Deadline: Friday, Feb. 7. Email nominations to Stephen Martin, Interim Supervisory of Highly Capable Services.

The Task Force is charged with making recommendations regarding the organization and delivery model of the Accelerated Progress Program (APP). The Task Force will consider in its work the core elements of program service delivery that include, but are not limited to, acceleration, self-contained classrooms, and blocking. This Task Force will also consider how to maintain or improve: 1) equitable access to services; 2) program integrity, fidelity and placement across multiple program sites; and 3) ongoing evaluation of the program and services for highly capable students.

The Task Force will begin in February; recommendations should be made no later than April.

 The nomination form is online; translations are available in the top four languages.

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Leadership Change at Thurgood Marshall

Today the District announced a leadership change at our school for the remainder of the school year. Principal Julie Breidenbach has been appointed planning principal for Fairmount Park Elementary, a new elementary in West Seattle that will open for the 2014-15 school year.  Our Assistant Principal Christine Helm has been appointed interim principal for the remainder of the year. Read the Q&A  with Breidenbach and Interim Principal Christine Helm.

Letter from Principal Breidenbach
Official announcement from the Superintendant of schools.


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