Be Involved

We encourage parents to volunteer in whatever capacity they can. Please explore this section to learn how you can volunteer for either long or short term roles.

Our school community is successful thanks in part to our families who, both physically and financially, support staff and students.

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Black Family Advocacy Support Group

The Black Family Advocacy Support Group (BFASG) works to create a safe, supportive place for parents and students to voice concerns and/or offer suggestions to make the school environment more welcoming to Black families. The group is identifying ways to …

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Building Leadership Team

The Building Leadership Team (BLT) is tasked with collaborative work in the areas of academic achievement, school budget and professional development. The Bylaws (last updated Aug. 31, 2016) offer more explanation. The school Principal and Assistant Principal are permanent members, joined …

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Bullpup Parents Group

The Bullpup Parents Group is for every parent and guardian at Thurgood Marshall! No signup is needed. WHAT is the Bullpup Parents Group? An informal, online and in-person social group with the purpose of sharing ideas, thoughts, and issues pertaining …

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Equity Action Teams

Equity Action Team initiatives at Thurgood Marshall grew out of a staff “Equity Team” created in 2014-15 to better ensure that the school offers all students equity in educational opportunities. The fact that TM hosts three distinct programs (Scholars, Highly …

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