The primary fundraising effort at Thurgood Marshall Elementary is the PTA’s Annual Giving Fund, supporting staffing and programs not covered by District or State dollars.  The PTA collaborates with the Principal, staff and parents to determine how to best spend your donations.

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Annual Giving Fund

The Annual Giving Fund is the primary way the PTA raises dollars to support our students and staff at Thurgood Marshall Elementary. We do not hold an auction or school sales. We depend on the Annual Giving Fund to support crucial staff and program needs at our school. Learn more at What the PTA Supports. The …

Shop to Support

Consider helping Thurgood Marshall when you shop. You can earn for our school as much as 6% (and occasionally more) of your purchase price. Start your shopping on using the link below and earn 6% of each purchase for the Thurgood Marshall PTA – at no additional cost to you! Bookmark this page …