Parent Resource Contacts

Many Thurgood Marshall parents are happy to answer questions about their family’s experiences at the school! Two easy ways to reach them:

  1. Post on the Bullpup Parents Facebook page (you will need to be approved as a member).
  2. Email the following parent volunteers directly. Grade levels are for 2016-17.
  • General questions may be addressed to any parent listed below.
    Some parents also have special information or experience to offer:
  • PEACE AcademyNoelle Mathias.
  • Deciding between private and public school: Lexie Weill, parent with children in both.
  • Enrolling in HCC at TM vs. remaining at a non-HCC school: Cliff Meyer.
  • Have a TM ‘graduate’ now in middle school: Stacey Joanovic, Maggie Trapp, Casey Sommers, Lauri Nakamoto

Karen Pinkard, K & 2nd-grade parent –

Stacey Joanovic, 1st & 4th-grade parent –

Noelle Mathias, 2nd-grade PEACE Academy parent –

Maggie Trapp, 2nd-grade parent –

Jen Ellis, 3rd-grade parent –

Cliff Meyer, 4th-grade parent –

Scott Engan, 4th & 5th-grade parent –

Casey Sommers, 4th-grade parent –

Lauri Nakamoto, 5th-grade parent –

Lexie Weil, 5th-grade parent –

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