Help close the budget gap

The PTA is appealing to our community to help us avoid budget cuts. As of April 30, the PTA still must raise nearly $50,000 to meet its obligations this year. [May 10 update: We have $30,000 to go! Thanks, donors!]

We believe our community can rally, and reach this goal. Give now.

We hope you already know what the PTA’s $190,000 in spending means to Thurgood Marshall.

  • Because of these funds, we have a Counselor and a full-time Librarian who touch the lives of hundreds of students each week.
  • Because of these funds, we have the hours of tutoring needed to help our youngest readers reach or exceed grade level.
  • Because of these funds, every classroom teacher has a “grant” to buy the supplies and equipment not provided by the School District.

We could go on, but it is likely you have already learned about the full impact of PTA funding through Pup Press, emails, other pages on or the PTA letter sent today (April 30). If you have not received the letter, download it here.

Now, we need action. By you.

The PTA must raise this $50,000 by May 15, when its Board will make critical budget decisions. If you have already responded to one of the PTA’s earlier fundraising campaigns, we are asking you to consider giving again, at a level you consider personally significant. If you have not yet made a donation this year, we hope you will be generous.

We know that not every member of our community has the means to donate funds, but if you do, it is time. The easiest ways to help us close this gap are:

If you have questions, please contact Grade 3 parent Jennifer Lan, the Annual Giving Fund’s chairperson, at  Thank you.

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