Chess team nabs state trophy

TM had a great time at the State Elementary Chess Championship in the Tri-Cities on April 21, including a 14th-place finish in the Grades 4-6 Division, which had 177 teams.

Team members making the trip included Selina Cheng (kindergarten), Frederick Barr (Gr. 2), Soren Liden, Vinayek Venugopal and Benjamin Mcateer (Gr. 3), Walter Barr and Reece Cole (Gr. 4), Edward Cheng, Julian Ross and Eliot Kasha (Gr. 5) and Zack Bukovec and Howard Cheng (TM alums now in Gr. 6).

All the competitors played five difficult matches against the rest of the best in the state. This was in spite of the tournament being held in an equine event center, complete with a dusty dirt floor.

A win counts for 1 point and draw is a half-point. Walter ended up with 3.5 out of 5 points, while  Julian, Edward, Reece, Vinayek, Selina and Eliot all won 3 of 5. Congrats to these kids, and to their parents who can now get their Saturdays back until next fall. … Look out Medina, we’re coming for you!

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