Your donation will be doubled during March Match-ness

Mr. Bullpup uses his finger to balance a basketballThe ball is in your court during “March Match-ness,” the effort to raise the $75,000 still needed in 2017-18 to cover all staff and programs underwritten by PTA funds.

Annual Giving Fund Chair Jennifer Lan is excited to announce that if we can raise $25,000 in donations this month, a set of donors will match that amount! In other words, each dollar you contribute will mean an additional dollar.

So, get in the game and donate now!

The PTA annually budgets more than $300 per student to ensure TM has the vital programs and the staffing (such as tutors and a Counselor) not provided by the School District. We count on families (including relatives!) to give generously to fill those gaps. Thank you!

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