State PTA’s top 2018 legislative issues

Venessa Goldberg, TM PTA Legislative Chair, has summarized what parents can advocate for during the 2018 Legislative Session, and especially during PTA Advocacy week (Jan. 29-Feb. 2):

We’ll be using the WSPTA Legislative platform to guide our focus during the week. In case you’re not familiar with the issues that were already a part of the WSPTA platform in 2017, and are continuing into the 2018 session:

Top 5: Issues WSPTA voted as being priorities, to be advocated for in the short term.

  • Supporting Social Emotional Learning
  • Amply Funding Basic Education
  • Closing the Opportunity Gap
  • Standards for Para-Educators
  • Breakfast After the Bell

Also Supported: Issues that members also see as important priorities to include in advocacy.

  • Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Children
  • Engaging Families in Student Success
  • Post-Secondary/Higher Education Access and Affordability
  • Removing Barriers to Implementing Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program
  • Restorative Justice and School Safety

Issues we voted in October 2017 to add to this year’s “Also Supported” platform are as follows.

  • Best Practices for School Lunch Policies
  • School Construction and Class Size Reduction
  • Preventing and Mitigating the Impacts of Gender-Based Violence
  • Equity for Highly Capable
  • Addressing the Teacher Shortage
  • Career Connected Learning, CTE & STEM
  • Dual Credit Equality and Support

In-depth information about all of these issues and how WSPTA advocates for them can be found at Pick issues that strike a cord, and use one or more as your focus! I encourage you to stay informed and involved and I always welcome questions:

Thanks for everything you do as parents to support our Thurgood Marshall Community and whatever other school communities you are a part of. It does more good than you know!


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