Provide your Directory info!

Help the PTA reach you with e-mailed news and information, and help yourself connect with other families!

The PTA compiles and prints an annual Family Directory for non-commercial use within our school’s community. This booklet is distributed in October at no charge to all families, regardless of whether they provide their contact information. Teachers (all-class email), class reps and the PTA will be able to communicate more effectively with parents if you provide your contact information .

Touch/click here to go to a secure “Google Docs” form, to begin providing your Directory info.

If you don’t wish to use an online form, please use our paper form. You may  download it and print it if you didn’t get one at the Ice Cream Social. Return it to your child’s teacher.

We follow this procedure to best honor the privacy of individuals and families who may prefer to supply only some or none of their contact info.

Deadline: Mon., Sept. 18, 2017!

Updates later in the year should be sent to

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