Counselor’s work touches so many


Meghan Kaloper

Students at Thurgood Marshall aren’t just focused on academics. Thanks in large part to Ms. Meghan Kaloper, our School Counselor, they are building foundational social and emotional skills that will benefit them for a long time to come.

This year, Ms. Kaloper is introducing the RULER program, which emphasizes that, according to research data, when students are better able to Recognize, Understand, Label, Express, and Regulate emotions (RULER), they benefit from stronger:

 • Attention, memory, and learning
 • Relationship quality
 • Decision making and judgment
 • Physical and mental health

“I’m most excited about the mood meter and the problem solving skills we will introduce later in the year,” Ms. Kaloper says. “These are tools that will benefit students now and far into the future.”

Being the Counselor at Thurgood Marshall is a rewarding job. “Every day is different and each day there are new lessons, groups, and unexpected challenges,” she says. “I like that I am able to use creativity and fun additions in my lessons. Role-plays, read-aloud books, relevant games and art are ways to expand learning and deepen students’ understanding of the material we are working on.”

More details of Ms. Kaloper’s work are on her web page.

PTA funds pay for 100 percent of Ms. Kaloper’s salary, giving our students exposure to the valuable social and emotional tools she brings to their educational experience.

[adapted from Pup Press article, 11/19/2015]

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